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How to remove Virus from Android

The list of potential threats and malicious applications for Android is getting longer every year. Unfortunately, many of them can be transmitted via Google Play, although the app does its best to protect its customers as much as possible. But the biggest source of all infections is third-party websites. Every year, the virus gets better and better at attacking your data, the theft of which can lead to serious problems. In this article, we will tell you how to remove the virus from your android quickly and easily.

Methods of spreading Android threats

Today there is a great risk of “catching a virus” by clicking on a malicious link. And for the most part, users get to them during an unlicensed visit to any site or application. To avoid such a fate, we would recommend you to download applications only from trusted sources, such as Google Play, Amazon, and Samsung. 

But even if you download apps from one of these domains, you still have to check them before installing them to be sure they are safe. This should be done as there are cases when hackers add their malicious apps to Google Play and collect more than 10,000 downloads before revealing them.

Android virus types

Below we show a list of the most common viruses and tell you why they are dangerous.

  • google. provision – this virus is an insidious script that is hard to detect on your own. To date, it can be overcome by specially installed programs to eliminate malicious means
  • DoubleLocker ransomware virus – this virus initially pretends to be Adop Flashplayer and after penetrating the device it blocks it and replaces the PIN code, encrypts the data, and asks for a payment in bitcoins to restore the files. Users can use Android Debug Bridge to fight this software 
  • LokiBot virus.- When this virus gets into the Android system, it can perform actions as a result of which, the victim’s outgoing traffic can be redirected. It can also trick the user to open a bank account and collect all the bank data of the victim
  • NotCompatible virus is a virus that acts as a proxy, when it penetrates the phone it is left waiting for specific commands. It is very dangerous and can turn your device into a spam machine. To avoid this you need an antivirus

Uninstalling Android Threats and Subjugating Your Device

If you suspect that your phone is hiding malware you might wonder how to remove virus from android. We recommend you to scan it with Reimage, it is extremely powerful and reliable. But if antivirus has blocked your phone you need to restart it in safe mode:

  • Press and hold the power button until the smartphone prompts you to shut down
  • The smartphone will offer you the option to restart it in safe mode, press ok

You can remove the virus manually 

    • Go to Settings. There, click on Applications or App Manager (depending on your device, this may vary)
    • Find the malicious applications and delete them all